About Us

AMT is proudly an Australian owned company, providing specialist equipment and innovative solutions to the mailing, print and packaging industry with reliable solutions including a higher focus on service and support at affordable price. Over the years AMT has been conducting its own research and development and stands behind its products and makes customer satisfaction a top priority. Our Service & support is our reputation second to none.

Our Engineering facility has been the demand for customer needs of certain applications providing customisation, modification, manufacturing upgrades with automation requirements and integration of specialised design and built requirements including emergency breakdown engineering service.

Attention to detail providing highest level of workmanship is noted by the industry where senior companies have praised our products, which is contributed by being affiliated with some of the worlds leading manufacturers.


Sitma Logo Large_0Sitma are the world leader in providing High speed plastic wrapping, paper wrapping, envelope inserting, packaging and mailing systems. Sitma are now considered the benchmark of industrial high speed wrappers providing the most innovative and versatile equipment setting the industry standard.


KR Logo_4Kirk-Rudy is a world leader in the manufacture of high volume addressing, inserting, attaching and related paper handling equipment for the direct mail, printing, newspaper and card industries. The company offers its customers an extensive product line along with the ability to engineer customized paper handling solutions.


Sure-Feed Logo_5Sure-feed is the leading manufacturer of product feeder accessory machines for the mailing, printing and packaging industry. We are committed to creating products that will help you succeeed, while being able to remain flexible, productive and profitable.


collins logoCollins ink started manufacturing specialized inks for use in Hewlett Packard based industrial printers.Today they offer a complete range of specialty  inks to suit a  wide range of substrates.


HP LogoHP Specialty Printing Systems (SPS) specializes in advanced printing options that support a wide variety of industrial printing businesses with thermal inkjet technology allowing custom printing solutions that combine low cost, rapid print speed, and high print quality. Offer reasonably priced inkjet cartridges for all industrial printing needs.


logo_incjetIncjet is a leading manufacturer of commercial High speed, high resolution inkjet printers and of the first to use HP thermal ink jet technology & the first print system to incorporate both a self-cleaning capability and a capping function within the confines of the imager. This incredibly flexible and innovative  print engine brings all the ease and quality of Hewlett-Packard inkjet technology to the industrial printing, mailing and packaging world.


MBFor more than 50 years, MB Bäuerle has concentrated on developing and manufacturing machines for post-press paper handling. Today the main focus is placed on automated high speed folding and inserting systems also offering custom configuration to suite specialised requirements.


B+H LogoBell howell is one of the first in document and mail processing systems and till today are still world leaders in providing the latest technology equipment.