KR-533 Autoloader

KR 533 Autoloader

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Product Description

Improve feeder consistency and productivity with the new KR 533 Autoloader. The KR 533 handles a wide variety of product and is versatile enough to work with almost any feed system. The KR 533 manages nearly 6’ of material and delivers it into the hopper as needed. The hopper level is maintained within a narrow range keeping the feed consistent. The KR 533’s jogger assembly keeps product straight in the hopper.

The only autoloader designed to work with friction and shuttle feeders, the KR 533 keeps you flexible. Slotted brackets allow the top to be quickly angled for friction feeders or placed horizontal for shuttle feeders. You can also use the KR 533 inline or 90 degrees to product flow.

If you’re looking for cost effective, flexible solutions to improve productivity, look no further than the KR 533.


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KR 533