KR687 Card Encoding System

Kirk Rudy has partnered with Impinj to bring this high speed RFID Hang Tag System to market using the Impinj Speedway Revolution STP 2.0.

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Product Description

KR687 Magnetic Strip Encoder

Kirk-Rudy 19s latest innovation in encoding. The KR687 is a high volume magnetic strip encoding and verification system designed to integrate with all Kirk-Rudy feeders, bases, and turnovers. The system features Kirk-Rudy 19s renowned XMatch software that will track product for up and downstream cameras and print applications. The system supports a variety of card stocks, enabling it to run jobs at speeds up to 30,000 cards per hour. The KR687 can also be configured for non-CR80 card applications such as gift cards.

  • Reliable data integrity
  • High speed card personalization and throughput
  • Flexible platform (non-CR80 giftcards)
  • Chromoly magstrip write and read heads with a 20 million card life expectancy


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