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  • Industry proven technology
  • User friendly
  • Consistent feeding
  • Easily integrates to host machine


The Packaging Feeder Series (PC/PS) comes standard with the Patented Dynamic Rotation Technology, Batch Count with Time Delay, Auto Restart, Single Shot, Anti-Glaze Belt Formula, 1/4″ thick powder coated side frames, business guides and variable speed.

Whatever it is, one feeder or one hundred, you will realize labour savings.
Plastic Wrapping lines, boxing, traying, cartoner, in-feed conveyor, glue tipping and fulfilment applications can be automated by the use of an on-demand feeder.
Each feeder can be integrated into your existing packaging line to deliver product into a predetermined position on the host machine. Miss and double detect can stop the host machine or send a signal to activate a divert station in the event of a fault. Feeders are available in different widths ranging from 6″ to 18″.

All of the belts are specially formulated to provide a long grip life ensuring proper material handling through the feeder. Adjustable rear belts provide drive to the material being fed and resist slippage on even the glossiest surfaces. With a spring loaded upper control race over the accelerator you will achieve maximum separation every cycle. Simple knob adjustments allow for quick set ups without tools. Different accelerators can be used to adapt these feeders to special, hard to reach integrations or special needs.

These feeders can be ordered standard with single shot on demand (PS) or with batch counting option (PC) in any of the series. With the batch counting option, whether your need is one piece on demand or batch counts, the user-friendly interface lets you program your specific job requirements. The batch counter LCD screen is easy to read and set-up for your particular need. The batch mode with the auto restart option can be activated to count out a pre-set count, pause for a pre-set duration of time and then automatically allow you to maximize the output from the feeder to the application to speeds of more than 60,000 per hour.

The PS/PC feeders are available with many options to meet your specific requirements and needs. Extra long accelerators can be used to deliver product to those hard to reach applications. Other accelerator options include vertical output or vacuum extensions. For environments that require wash down we have corrosive resistant construction, variable DC motors have been replaced with servo motors. Other changes include the use of sealed bearings, delrin accelerator rollers, stainless steel hardware and an external waterproof sealed electronics housing. Other options include batch counting, integrated triggers and custom mounting. For other options or requirements please call (02) 9821 1450.

Our feeders are capable of feeding a wide range of sizes and types of materials. Send us a sample of the product you wish to feed and we can set up a demonstration video in our facility showing your product running on a specific feeder in a simulated application.


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