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Collins and HP Black Inks

Collins Inks manufacturers 14 Standard Colours and 2 Fluro. Currently working on 21 Standard Colours and eventually plan to have 32 Standard Colours. We stock and supply the full range of Collins Colour Inks and Blacks. With continual restocking and updating of new product range.

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Product Description

Best seller

Provides a dark image and high contrast throughout which results in lower impression costs. This ink provides high ink volume throughput.

CM-734 Black Semi Fast Dry
(General purpose Porous & Semi Gloss)
Bar Code quality
The CM-734 black ink is faster drying and darker ink than HP. This ink dries fast, but it gives better image resolution on bond and other porous papers.

HP C8842A Versatile Black
Designed to meet the requirements of companies in a variety of industrial printing markets that need to print on both porous and non-porous coated media. Prints on a wide range of plain and glossy paper.

Complete H (TWK-1818H)
is a dye/pigment hybrid-based ink that prints on both coated* and non-coated substrates. This ink will dry quickly and provide good permanence on coated* stocks, while maintaining excellent print quality and a dark image on non-coated stocks. The heads-up technology allows the cartridge to start up after extended periods of down time without wiping or purging, therefore requiring less operator maintenance. *testing recommended

CM-631 Invisible

Imaging technology combines superior document finishing control with zero-clutter aesthetics. Allows mailing and marketing materials to be more accurately and securely processed without a control code in sight, producing more options in control code placement. It can only be read by ultraviolet (Black) light, infrared camera or laser.

CM-796 M Coated Gloss Stock
(Dye Based Ink)
For need to print on coated paper. Fastest drying ink specially formulated for coated stocks. It gives an image that resists smudging on coated sheets. The image gets into the paper stock and therefore gives a more durable solution.

All Collins inks are available in both cartridges and Bulk Ink Systems. Collins Bulk

Ink System comes in 400ml.

HP Bulk Ink System comes in 370ml only available for standard black.

Collins Ink, test the difference – see the benefits of print resolution and the cost saving.


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