MS 45

MB Optional Equipment

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Product Description

Mobile knife fold unit MS 45

  • Knife fold unit for making crossfolds. Mobile and continuously height adjustable.
  • Suitable for linking to the first or second buckle fold unit
  • Knife fold unit rotates by 180° making it possible to fold from top or bottom
  • Infeed height max: 45 cm, min: 12 cm
  • Infeed length max: 33 cm, min: 10 cm

Additional fold unit KF 31 Attachable fold unit with 2 fold plates

KF 31

  • Increases fold variability with the KF 31, two fold plates can be added to a standard fold unit, which means a larger variety of folds.
  • Makes small folds possible. The small roller diameter allows small folds down to 18 mm. Therefore the KF 31 is especially suitable for folding pharmaceutical leaflets.
  • Infeed height max: 31 cm
  • Fold length max: 11 cm, min: 1.8 cm

Gluing Devices


Gluing devices extend the range of applications for folders. 8-, 12- or 16-page ready-to-mail leaflets or inserts can thus be produced. Other applications are fold-in pockets for leaflets and photos, lottery tickets or postcards.

Antistatic devices are used for discharging static charge to ground. Thus statically charged material (digitally printed) can be folded without any significant interruptions

Two-up crossfold attachment

2 up cross

The two-up crossfold attachment consists of slitting tools in the first fold unit, a special transfer bridge and two parallel alignment rails on the roller table of the second fold unit. Sheets which have been printed two-up are cut, deposited on the roller table via the transfer bridge, aligned side by side and transferred to the second fold unit.

Gate fold plate, turnover fold plate, fold plates for selective folding

Special fold plates for interesting folds and fold sequences

Different types of gate fold:

  • Triple gate fold
  • Triple gate fold with crossfold
  • Triple gate fold with flap
  • 12-page quadruple concertina fold
  • Double gate fold
  • Two-fold double gate
  • Double gate fold with crossfold
  • Double gate fold with two crossfolds

Scoring-, perforating- and slitting tools available in different graduations


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