KR 417 Inspection Station

he KR417 Inspection Station is the leader in monitoring, tracking and inspecting production.

Product Description

The KR417 Inspection Station is the leader in monitoring, tracking and inspecting production.

The KR417 Inspection Station is the system to provide advanced quality and integrity control for any production system requiring monitoring or tracking. Inspection Central will lower costs, improve quality and productivity while ensuring a higher standard of production integrity. With Inspection Central, you will have complete confidence in your production—regardless of the number of stations assigned to the job. KR417 Inspection Station is an option that can be added to any production line with most any hardware. KR417 operates as a stand-alone product or it can be integrated into an existing production line. This versatility extends the life and usefulness of legacy systems, eliminating the need to replace them. The hardware design allows for easy integration with most production systems. Another unique ability of the Inspection Station is remote monitoring via the KR417 web based application. Your business can enjoy the following benefits immediately!

  • Increased Productivity
  • Higher Quality Standards
  • Completely Auditable
  • Centralized Management
  • Lower Costs
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Easy Job Reconciliation

KR417 Vision, the vision system is an integrated system of scanners and cameras for read/verify applications. In such application where information is read and then verified, KR417 vision is the solution allowing operators system control. Using KR417 Vision, the operator can define regions of interest and tune the camera specifically to verify the information contained within those regions.

KR417 Vision operates on all Windows platforms XP and above. KR417 Vision is used in applications requiring verification such as: Printing, Inserting, Bindery, and Plastic Card/Carrier Production and Finishing. KR417 Vision is capable of simultaneously verifying all industry standard code formats including barcodes, OMR, and OCR.


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