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QC Barcode Checker

Kirk Rudy Quality Control Barcode Checker

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Kirk Rudy Quality Control Barcode Checker
Having trouble with barcode quality?

Take your addressing system to the next level with Kirk-Rudy’s QC Barcode Checker. Use the QC system to verify your inkjet system is printing high quality 4 State barcodes.

Consisting of the latest vision technology with easy to use software, the QC system examines each barcode for readability. Key parameters like bar width, spacing and overall length are monitored against defined specifications. Barcodes with smears or blank lines are also compared against allowable parameters and will trigger an alarm if an out of spec condition exists.


  • Detailed reports showing each failed mail piece and its parameters
  • Job statistics show parameter averages along with a pass/fail percentage


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KR QC Barcode Checker