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Vacuum Transport System

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Product Description

Product Description:

  • Keep Your Printer, Replace Your Transport
  • Speed Following
  • Operates Seamlessly
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduces Operator Intervention
  • Offset Sorting and Batch Capability (Speed Sort)
  • Provides Quick ROI



The heart of the system is the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)and the AC Drives in the Vacuum Base that synchronize the functions of the feeder to maintain speed and proper gap between pieces and conveyor. The base is designed ro reduce operator time for loading & sorting at the same time optimizing your print quality.



The FeedMAX is a high capacity feeder that can be loaded with up to 5,000 envelopes, 20 times more than a shuttle feeder. The FeedMAX dramatically reduces the time an operator needs for continuous loading of small feed hoppers as in a shuttle feeder. The operator will be able to handle both feeding & collection of envelopes reducing the number of labor hours in this production cell.



The Speed-Sort Conveyor is designed to give an operator a visible demarcation of where a mail bundle starts an ends. The Speed Sort accomplish this by offsetting the envelopes on the conveyor each time the Speed Sort gets a signal for a bundle break or a tray break. The operator no longer needs to fumble with the mail on the conveyor to find the sort breaks.




  • Print Head Bridge Mounts
  • Large Bladder Pan
  • Small Bladder Pan
  • Encoder Mounting
  • 30″ Vacuum Base Extension with Dryer
  • 3′ Collection Conveyor Extension
  • Pattern Reader for sorting by mark
  • Stand Alone Components
  • Stand Alone 30″ Vacuum Base
  • Stand Alone 30″ Vacuum Base with Dryer
  • ECO Vacuum Base
  • Line Scan Base
  • Small Product Vacuum Base with 3′ Collection Conveyor
  • Divert
  • Divert with Input Extension for Cameras
  • Belt Turnover for Duplexing or In-Line Abilities
  • Bump Turn for In-Line Folding / Printing / Tabbing


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Vacuum Transport System