Packaging Equipment

packaging equipmentNo matter what industry you are involved in, packaging is one of the most vital elements of a business that has to be taken into account. The benefits of good packaging are manifold, and it’s worth investing in quality packaging equipment to ensure you get it right. The main purposes of packaging are:

Purpose of Packaging Equipment

– Physical protection:

Packaging is what protects your products from the outside world. It acts as a barrier from any unwanted elements such as dust or water, and protects the item should it be dropped or knocked.

– Security:

Packaging can ensure that a product is safe during shipment and display. It can be made from tamper resistant material, in order to deter thieves and indicate tampering.

– To give information:

Packaging is the first thing to identify a product to a customer. It can also be used to give vital information to the customer, such as instructions, ingredients or components, sell by date and much more.

– Convenience:

For stacking and storage purposes, and during distribution, handling and sale, packaging can greatly affect the convenience of an item. Whether that’s by reducing the amount of space it takes up, or enabling the item to be hung up on hooks, the right packaging equipment can make all the difference.

– Marketing:

Packaging is vital when it comes to marketing your product. Through creating or enforcing brand identity, and as a form of promotion, how you package your product plays a huge role in whether or not consumers chose you.

To make the most of the benefits that packaging can give you, it pays to have the right packaging equipment. At Advanced Machine Technologies, we provide quality mailing, printing and packaging machines at competitive prices. Whatever packaging equipment it is that your company requires, we stock a wide range of world-leading brands to meet your needs. From Sitma and Kirk-Rudy, to Sure-feed and Ink Jet, the packaging equipment we offer is only the best.

We also provide excellent after-sale service, from factory-trained mobile service engineers. We are available for 24-hour emergency repairs, and can help you with anything from machine upgrades, to automations and modifications. You can also rest assured that we only supply genuine spare parts.

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