Zipform on track with Sitma from AMT

This WA digital, mail and fulfilment house has just installed its third Sitma, from AMT, which comes with a host of added value features.

Currently celebrating its silver jubilee, Zipform has continued to grow and invest in new technologies. Despite, or perhaps because of, the current economic climate the company is talking with its clients about many new possibilities.

Geoff Hyatt, operations manager says, “We find more of our clients discussing with us how they can maximise returns from all their customer communications by using integrated strategies across a number of channels.

Transpromo, cross media and loyalty programs have become more significant components of our service offering. We anticipate further growth in these areas over the next two years as marketing teams become more aware of the potential of the new technologies.”

Zipform was formed in 1984 with the purpose of producing computer stationery for the Western Australian market, it quickly grew to become the largest producer in the Perth market. In 1993, its highly successful digital print and mail division was formed. Following a steady and organic growth path over the years, it has invested heavily in technologies to provide its clients with stand-alone services. This is managed through a seamless, single point solution across digital and web, print management, transpromo, design services, direct mail, warehousing, dataroll requirements and logistics. The goal to become the best print and mailhouse provider in Australia.

The company purchased its first Sitma wrapping line in 1998, brought in a second three years later, and has just installed its third. The latest acquisition was a rebuilt highly specified Sitma CM80-750i with shuttle feed, page opener, five rotary hoppers, printed plastic registration, compensating stacker, product tracking, auto postcode sort, and automatic cross strapping.

Hyatt says, “Our reasons for purchasing a rebuilt Sitma line over a new machine were centred on machine availability, our production requirements, and comparative associated costs. The machine offered to us for refurbishment by AMT essentially covered these requirements. Also after visiting AMT and personally inspecting other refurbished Sitma equipment, we were confident of receiving a good quality and reliable machine.”

George Karzon, managing director of AMT says, “The main criteria Zipform was looking for was innovations to enhance production and reduce labour costs – the solution being the product tracking, auto postcode sort (camera) and the auto cross strapping.”

Hyatt says, “Since the installation of the Sitma we have found the machine has provided us with a range of options, enabling us to operate with greater flexibility and efficiency across this product. Consequently this has resulted in our increased ability to retain our existing cliental base, along with successfully expanding into new business opportunities.”