Printing Machines

printing-machinesA business without printing machines is like a sail boat without wind – dead in the water. The presentation and quality of your organisation’s mailing, printing and packaging solutions relies solely on the quality of your printing hardware.

It doesn’t matter how creative or competent your design team are. If you haven’t got the right tools for the job when it comes to presenting and packaging your company’s image, both the reputation and profit margin of your business will suffer.

Advanced Machine Technology are an Australian owned company with a proud history of offering you exactly the right sort of printing machines to match the requirements and needs of your company.

Sales, service and installation of printing machines is a core part of our business and we offer a range of printers including the Kirk-Rudy Kolor Jet, which features Hewlett-Packard’s latest and innovative high-speed colour printing technology, allowing you to print high-quality documents at high speed.

Service & Support for Printing Machines

All our printers come in a range of affordable options, with automatic maintenance and low processing costs. For a more detailed selection of our printing machines please click here.

AMT is affiliated with some of the biggest players and world leaders in the mailing, print, and packaging sector. Companies such as Collins Ink Corporation, Kirk-Rudy, Sure-Feed, Bell Howell and Hewlett-Packard develop the sort of products we believe in and trust. Here at AMT, we have been involved in selling, customising, modifying, upgrading and repairing those very machines for years to provide the perfect fit for your business.

AMT believes firmly in quality service and continued support at an affordable price. From the selling, to the installation, and the after-care, our reputation is built upon an ethos of customer satisfaction, high-grade products and value for money. Call us today and we guarantee you that we will help you find the right printing machines capable of improving and enhancing your business.

For the best prices on Printing Machines please give us a call on +61 2 9821 1450